I remember one of my favorite grad school professors passively mentioning that all you need to do is listen and you’ll find a great writing topic—more specifically, eavesdrop.  I always found the idea pretty humorous, but when I started regularly writing at my favorite coffee shop, while my three-year-old ravaged my home with his babysitter, I couldn’t help but hear the seemingly loud conversations taking place beside me.

Recently, as I sought my favorite comfortable booth and succeeded, two women behind me sipped their giant pink coffee mugs while discussing the woes of the “lazy millennial” generation.  I am considered a tail-end millennial and fall into the older-aged category of the generation and also identify with “generation X” respectively.  Quite frankly, however, I am fairly tired of hearing and reading about how lazy my generation is.  Most of the people in my life who fit into this generation, including myself, are working, parenting, and living in a society where prices drastically soared, and continue to, while wages stayed the same.  That’s a fact, not a political perspective.  Most of us are floating in student loan debt with especially high mortgages just trying to get by and do our best for ourselves and for our families.  I am not sure how any of this justifies laziness or a lack of understanding for “real life.”

My parents taught me the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and it was up to me to carry on, regardless of the year or societal circumstances.  I want to continue this perspective in my own children, and I don’t care what his generation is someday classified as.

Life is life on this planet, whenever you have the good luck to live it.

Every generation has and will have highs and lows.  Categorizing technological divergence and varying perspectives that aren’t similar to previous understanding and lifestyles does not equate with a lack of effort in individuals. Perhaps it’s actually an aim at progress?  And sure, much, much more progress needs to be made, but that notion can potentially be applied to most facets in life—for almost any generation.

So as I closely lean toward a hiatus to raise the new life inside of me, I don’t worry about the possibility of a lazy child in an aimless future generation.  I worry more about shaping him or her for an ever-changing world, frowning upon unfair classifications and distinctions… where love, respect, and family are timeless, always have been, and always will be.

2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Donald Baumgartner Reply

    Very uplifting! Your really are thoughtful and a talented writer. Keep up the Good Work! Don

    1. Holly McCann Reply

      Thank you so much Don for your positive feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my writing!

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