biopic_bwHi, my name is Holly McCann.  I’m a “stay-at-home” mom who rarely stays indoors and enjoys frequent adventures with my active two-year-old little man in Denver, Colorado where I currently reside and write.  I adore my surroundings in Colorado and am able to find beauty in the ordinary or extraordinary whenever I peer at the mountains driving in my car.  My love for language began when I started teaching English to high school students and continued when I pursued a Master of Liberal Studies in Creative Writing from The University of Denver.  Nothing, however, could fully prepare me for the challenges and true bliss that motherhood brings my way every day.  It takes me to a different level as a person and inspires me to write and then write some more.  I believe in the power of kindness and am a self-professed realist.

I credit my inspiration to those around me, especially my fluffy cats.