When I add a second life to the cosmos in May, I have an urge to disconnect completely—a deactivation of accounts kind of disconnection. I am consistently concerned with being present and engaged in everyday moments. I despise a group of people sitting and staring at their phones. But am I guilty of this myself at times? Of course. It’s easy for a stay-at-home mom—or anyone in the world—to take a moment to escape to your personal hook, whether it’s Facebook, Reddit, or a game. more “Presence”

When I’m 64

My husband and I had the privilege to see Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts last weekend.  We had an unexpectedly amazing time that I suppose only the Beatles could induce.  The group took the crowd on an adventure through time beginning with the Beatles playing the Ed Sullivan Show and ending with their phenomenal final album, Abbey Road.

We laughed, we sang, we watched the mostly older crowd smile and tear up to the tunes of an iconic group who simply claimed to “get lucky” as a band.  The groups’ resemblance in physicality and sound was remarkable, and I felt incredibly lucky to be able to hear music by the Beatles played live.  Even though I consider the Beatles an important part of my past—when I defined myself—I certainly couldn’t go see the real deal in concert.  For this reason, we felt grateful and even more enthused than planned. more “When I’m 64”