I had many great friends in my younger years.  My parents still marvel at their social, spunky little daredevil who jumped out of the crib before they even contemplated the possibility.  I always made a friend shortly after we parked our popup camper at a campsite.  I can look back at elementary, middle, and high school fondly and recall some great people in my life who have grown into accomplished women and men.   more “Friends”


I’m not one to write about politics.  Frankly, I don’t even like discussing it out loud.  Tempers are too incendiary when it comes to the mention of Democratic or Republican policies.  Yet, today, I feel, needs to be documented.  This morning I said to my husband and some good friends that “All I really care about is protecting my children.”  Yes, that’s what I said and how I felt when the President-elect announcement truly sunk in.  I am not sure how to exaggerate or underrate the significance of a statement like that.  more “Trump”

Some Hippy Shit

This is some serious hippy Shit.

I uttered these words last week when I tried to cure a migraine during my first trimester of pregnancy.  I am a self-professed “crunchy” mom and proud of it.  But I couldn’t deny my urge to have a triple dose of morphine injected into my veins at that moment. For anyone who has experienced a migraine, this shouldn’t sound shocking or even the least bit surprising.  more “Some Hippy Shit”