The ER definitely sparks fresh writing.  You walk in and stare at everyone around you, wondering what could possibly be afflicting each of them.  Ages range from small children to wrinkled faces in wheelchairs.  Maybe they’re just here with someone else and waiting.  Waiting.  That’s the key word in the ER.  Last night I spent just shy of four hours in the ER with my husband and my toddling, newly “potty-trained” little man.  more “ER”

I Fell in Love with my Toddler Again

Sometimes it takes a shake-up of expectations to make us fully come back to the earth, grounded in our original intent, changed yet unchanged.

Eight months ago I had a “chemical pregnancy.”  Yes, I stood and waited for the line to turn pink, pacing with anticipation—my husband in the next room asking “Well”?  We both felt blissfully unaware of the possibility that anything could go wrong. more “I Fell in Love with my Toddler Again”